How Are You in Rajasthani – Meaning

How Are You in Rajasthani : in Today’s Article, You Will Read What Is Said Inkya Kar Rahe Ho in Rajasthani Language Now-A-Days It Has Become Fashionable to Speak Small Things in Rajasthani.

People Have Started Using Rajasthani Words While Talking in Hindi. and These Words Are Used More in Colloquial Speech.

How Are You in Rajasthani

अगर आपको किसी को राजस्थानी में हाउ आर यू बोलना हो तो आप केसे बोलेंगे यही हम आजके इस लेख How Are You in Rajasthani में जेनेगे जेसे की हमारे घर पे कोई गेस्ट आया है तो हम सबसे पहेले उनको पूछेंगे की केसे हेई आप सब ठीक है ना उसी तरह इंग्लिश में हम बोलेंगे How Are You और राजस्थानी में How Are You in Rajasthani केसे बोलेंगे वह हम इस लेख में जानेंगे

How Are You को राजस्थानी में केसे बोले

दोस्तों राजस्थानी भाषा बहोत ही आसन है लेकिन उसे सिखने के लिए आपको राजस्थानी भाषा को टाइम देके सीखना पड़ेगा आज की इस पोस्ट में How Are You in Rajasthani के बारेमे जानेगे

How Are You in Rajasthani का मतलब थै किया हों ? सा होता है। – थै किया हों ? सा।

How Are You in Rajasthani “How are you?” We mostly use it in Formal Situation but we can use it in Casual Situation also. Here by formal I mean that you can meet your Boss, Teacher, Manager, etc. This sentence can be used with. Although if you want, you can also use it with friends or family members, but there How are you? By using , it seems as if we are performing some formality.

But if we use these sentences with our friends or family, then it looks a bit strange and people think that this person is definitely doing formality.

How Are You in Rajasthani How Are You Meaning – You must have often heard the words ‘How are you’ but many times you may not know its meaning because its meaning sometimes changes according to the sentence. That’s why you might be confused as to what does ‘How are you’ mean? How are you ka matlab kya hota hai? What is the meaning of How Are You in Hindi? Know what is How Are You and at which place and at what time it is used? Read How Are You Meaning in Hindi and use of word how are you in a sentence.


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